About Us


also known as  the DEPP, is a 3-year programme built up of 14 project delivered across 10 countries which aim to strengthen the quality and speed of humanitarian response at the local, national and regional level. This ground breaking programme, one of the largest investments of its kind, is funded by UK Aid and managed collaboratively by the CDAC Network and Start Network, leveraging the extensive international expertise of more than 50 member organisations.

The DEPP aims to develop systemic, organisational and individual solutions to persistent problems in preparedness issues and generate an evidence base for what works in capacity building. A key focus of the programme is to share learning between projects and organisations to improve the way projects and practitioners operate, and to improve their capacity strengthening approaches.

The Learning Project

is one of the 14 projects in the DEPP. It was created to enable, capture and communicate learning to evidence what works and doesn’t work in emergencies and disaster preparedness, by working with other DEPP projects and external humanitarian actors. Within the Learning Project, the generation, and application, of learning is a priority: the DEPP business case identifies a dearth of evidence and learning on what makes for successful capacity building. We believe learning from others and sharing what we know will improve the way we work and strengthen the quality of our programmes, and of the humanitarian sector as a whole.

On this website you will find stories, reports, blogs and case studies from people like you, working on projects like yours with the aim of improving disasters and emergencies preparedness – just like you! We hope that you will contribute with sharing your own learning and experiences by uploading content or engaging on the discussion forums. You can also keep up to date on future learning events and conferences, and connect with your peers to expand your network.


The Learning Project’s vision is to enable a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing and learning that will make preparedness more effective and efficient at a local level; reducing the impact of disasters and emergencies throughout the world.


Facilitate coordination and communication between DEPP projects, and generate an evidence base that gives projects the opportunity to
a) deliver their projects more effectively by accessing learning about what works, and
b) share their learning with the sector, so that practices can improve.



Our core value is learning. Seeking new ways to learn, we value innovation and creativity. Leading by example, we espouse the following principles in order to maximise learning about disasters and emergencies preparedness:


Learning happens best in collaboration with others. We work in partnerships to maximise our learning, and facilitate opportunities for others to generate, share and use learning by working together.


Our boldness and frank language foster a culture of embracing and learning from failure as well as success.


We promote transparency, respecting anonymity if needed.


We strive to be accessible to all humanitarian actors, including local ones. That means using clear language and visuals, and setting an example by keeping our learning and our brand light and approachable.


The purpose of learning about what works in humanitarian preparedness is to influence change and improve the way we work. We learn with purpose and take time to re-evaluate and stay on the right track.