Talent Development project Interactive Showcase

16 Aug 2017

9:30 am



Talent Development is holding a one day interactive showcase on Wednesday 16th August in Amman.

Who Is It For?

We welcome attendees from humanitarian organisations based in Jordan, both those involved in Talent Development and organisations who are keen to become involved in future programmes.

What Is The Event?

The day will be an opportunity to:

*   Hear about what Talent Development has achieved across the regions

*   Learn more about Talent Development challenges and successes

*   Give your views on how a Talent Development 2 could be implemented which will be used to inform any future planning in the region

The day will focus on sharing learning around the themes of:

*   Contextualisation – How have Talent Development programmes been adapted for the local and regional context?

*   Capacity Building approaches – What have been the strengths and weaknesses of the capacity building approaches used across Talent Development?

*   The Core Humanitarian Competency Framework – How has the CHCF been used within the programmes and within the organisations involved?

*   Coaching – How has coaching added value to the Talent Development schemes and how could it be best utilised in any future programme?

There will be presentations from the programme implementing agencies as well as participatory workshop sessions that all participants can engage in.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you will be joining us on the 16th, please RSVP to this email address including details of any dietary requirements. To ensure the day is a success, your contribution will be essential. Please do come with examples of what you have learnt on the themes we have outlined above and ideas for how these areas of work could be improved under any future programme.

What Are The Details?

The event will run 9.30am – 5pm

Please arrive at 9.30am promptly so we can start on time.

Lunch will be provided

The event will be held at GENEVA Hotel Amman, Abdulla Ghosha Street, Amman, Jordan

Telephone:(+962) 6-58 58 100

Website: genevahotel-amman.com