Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Which email address do I use to register?
We suggest that you use your professional (work) email address. This way it is easier for the site administrators to verify that you are a humanitarian professional and should be given access to the full Learning Platform.

Q: Do I receive a confirmation email once I’ve registered?
No, however, the website administrators will receive a notification that you have done so.

Q: Which areas of the website can I access without logging in?
You can access the Home Page, Learning Library, and the Tools & Guidance pages.

Q: I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
Click “Login” and then “Forgot your password”. You will need to enter your email address and then you will receive an email prompting you to change your password.

Q: I think someone is using my account. What can I do?
If you think someone has access to your account, please change your password and also notify us by contacting


Q: How do I find learnings for one particular project/theme/country?
You can use the filters to help you search for specific learnings. Click on the filter you wish to apply and the learnings related to that theme, project, country, or format will appear.

Q: How do I comment on a learning or document?
You have to be signed in to be able to do this. Either click on the prompt that appears on the webpage, or log in by clicking the icon on the top right. Then you should be able to comment in the text box.

Q: I can’t download the document I want to from the Learning Library.
Make sure you have a stable internet connection, try refreshing the page and/or using a different browser. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then please contact us through the Contact Us page, or by emailing

Q: How do I upload a learning?
– Go to the Share Learning page
– Click on “upload learning material”
– Enter title, description
– Click “choose document to upload” and select file from computer
– Click “choose image to upload” and select image from computer
– You can find full instructions in the User Guide

Q: What are suitable learnings to share?
We would love to see case studies, podcasts, research pieces, or anything that you think is interesting, relevant and useful for other DEPP staff and the wider sector.

We don’t think narrative reports or internal documents are suitable, as the content will be publicly available. The aim of the Learning Platform is to share learnings that can be useful for practitioners across the sector, rather than information about project activities. The Website Content ToR provides more details on this.


Q: Can anyone see the posts I add to the forum?
Only registered users are able to access the forums and see posts. However, you can choose to create public or private posts. Private posts will only be viewable by users you invite to see them.

Q: Can I report learnings and forum posts anonymously?
Not entirely. Website administrators (Learning Project staff) will be able to see what has been reported and by whom, however other website users will not be able to see what you have reported, or that you have reported anything.


Q: What will happen to the platform once the DEPP has ended?
This is something that we are currently working on. We aim for it to become a sector-wide repository on preparedness where practitioners even outside of the DEPP will be able to share learnings.

Q: What is meant by “DEPP stakeholder”?
We mean someone who is working on one of the 14 DEPP projects. This could be a staff member from a project lead agency, or a staff member from a partner organisation.