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Project: Improved Early Warning Early Action EthiopiaLearning ProjectPublic Health Preparedness in GambellaShifting The PowerTalent DevelopmentUrban Early Warning Early Action 12th July 2017

In the upcoming DEPP Asia regional conference on Localisation, 12 delegates are coming from DEPP projects operating in Africa to share their learnings with the Asia teams. This delegation includes project managers, government partners and representatives from local organisations who will be telling their story, and there will also be a market place to display their learnings for more in-depth information and networking opportunities.

The common learnings that have emerged from the projects so far are (1) the importance of improved early warning and preparedness and (2) investing in local capacity for better preparedness. With this focus, The Improved Early Warning – Early Action in Ethiopia project will be sharing what they have learned so far from their experience in strengthening multi-hazard, multi-sectoral decentralised systems. The Public Health Emergency Preparedness in Gambella project will be sharing lessons on how the project contributed in establishing strong linkages between public health emergency preparedness and climate information to provide functional health preparedness system.

Our colleagues from Kenya will be sharing key learnings on Urban Early Warning – Early Action and how the project this far has been able to influence the Nairobi City county assembly to pass an important new motion. This motion mandates the county executive to set up surveillance and coordination centres in order to create a space where data on food and nutrition security can be collected, analysed and used to inform decisions on preparing, mitigating and responding to emergencies in the sector.

In addition, our Shifting the Power project colleagues from Ethiopia, Kenya and the DRC will be sharing how different approaches to capacity building has brought successful results for local organisations in their areas, networks and communities. Representatives from some of these local actors will be delivering key messages, with a representative from one of our capacity development projects taking us through some of the successful strategies in capacity building and training from the Talent Development project.

DEPP partners from national and international organisations, disaster management authorities and national platforms will participate in a joint event called ‘Localisation’ on the 18th and 19th July 2017 in Manila, Philippines, to share learnings around what works and what doesn’t work in humanitarian programming at the local level. This includes partners from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand. The event will also be attended by DEPP partners from the African DEPP countries Ethiopia, Kenya and DRC who will come to learn from their Asian partners and as well present their learnings around humanitarian programming, localisation, partnerships and capacity building.

This regional event is organised by the DEPP Learning project for the Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme at the regional level to create a space to reflect, share and learn from each other around localisation by bringing together internal and external DEPP stakeholders across the Asian focal countries. The conference will explore innovative models of localisation in humanitarian programming which can improve DEPP and START Network programming, as well as contribute to the broader humanitarian context in Asia.
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