Blog compilation: Preparing for Shock: Is Preparedness the New Frontier?

Project: Learning Project 22nd February 2018

Is investment in preparedness a good use of humanitarian funding? What are the best approaches to funding and programme design to ensure sustainable solutions and community leadership in preparedness programming? How can we inform future programming to ensure we have the right people with the right skills at the right place and time to prepare for and respond to disasters in the most appropriate way?

In the upcoming global conference ‘Preparing for Shock: Is Preparedness the New Frontier?’ taking place in Geneva on 14th and 15th March, we will explore enabling approaches and obstacles to sustainable preparedness programming and hear from local implementing staff, national networks, global programmers and researchers who have first-hand knowledge on these areas. For more information about the conference, please visit our event page here.

What can you expect from the conference? Who will contribute and what will we be talking about? We will update this page with voices from our organisers, participants and speakers to get you in the mood. All new content will be added below so do check back and keep commenting below to share your views!

You can also follow the conversation that took place on twitter under #PreparingForShock here

1. ‘The conflict between individual capacity and institutional capacity is an illusion’ is available here
2. ‘Reflections on upholding humanitarian principles and sustainable programming’ is available here 
3. ‘Are you thinking about inclusion in the localization agenda?  ‘is available here
4. ‘Localization in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a long way to go!’ is available here 
5. ‘Resilience is Capacity’ is available here
6.  ‘Localization: A change for the minority to be heard’ is available here
7. ‘
My localisation is different to your localisation’ is available here 
8. ‘How does localisation fit into the bigger picture?’ is available here
9. ‘Women’s leadership in preparedness – why does it matter?’ is available here
10. ‘Is investing in preparedness worth the effort? ‘ is available here
11. ‘Why Sustainability?’  is available here
12. ‘In the face of adversity, gender and culture could not stop her’ is available here
13. ‘Preparing For Shock: Day 1 – Accountability deficit, ROI and impossible dilemmas’ is available here
14. ‘Preparing For Shock: Day 2 – Enough talk, it’s time for action!’ is available here



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