Can Grand Bargain signatories reach the 25% target by 2020?

Project: External Project: Local to Global Protection 4th January 2018

By 2017, 53 governments and international agencies had agreed on the Grand Bargain (GB) as an important outcome from the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). A central commitment in the GB was to “achieve by 2020 a global, aggregated target of at least 25 per cent of humanitarian funding to local and national responders as directly as possible.”

Since then, there has been an, at times, intense debate about this commitment but relatively little new quantitative analysis presented. In this briefing note, Local2Global Protection (L2GP) provides a first global estimate of how much funding GB signatory governments have channelled to local and national responders either directly or through one intermediary in 2015 – the year before their WHS and GB
commitments. The report also provides a first forecast of the annual increases in funding to local actors required to meet the 25% target by 2020.

Thank you to L2GP for submitting this learning. The full report can be accessed here.



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