“Effective Function of Control Room in Making Transparent, Better and Quicker Decisions”

Project: Talent Development 6th April 2018

Showrav Islam and Nahid Fatema Bithi are deployed by Bangladesh Red Crescent Society to support their emergency response activities. As everybody knows that Bangladesh is a country of natural calamities. Recent time natural disaster “flash flood” hit in beginning of May 2017 in Sylhet and cyclone “MORA” in end of May in Chittagong have damaged many lives and properties of our country. Organization already started responding people affected by flash flood in Sylhet division but the recent cyclone ‘MORA’ put the organization to decide what would be their decision – divided the resources to address new emergency or concentrate with ongoing response. Transparency and access to information is one of the key highlight under Grand Bargain resulted in WHS.

Deployed Humanitarian Trainees had control room experiences and technical learning from their emergency foundation and advance field level residential course as part of their humanitarian trainee scheme. Therefore Showrav and Nahid were assigned with responsibility for collecting data regarding damage from the most affected areas. They have communicated with most of the unit authority offices and gathered data & information on damage of property, number of causality, local market situation, road transport situation, remoteness and vulnerability. The humanitarian trainees learnt from Emergency foundation course and advance field level course about the methodology to prepare number focus strip report. Their knowledge being part of the team assisted BDRCS made the situation report and identified most affected areas includes cox’s bazar, pekua, feni, Chittagong, noakhali


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