A guest blog on DEPP Learning Conference, Kenya

Project: Learning ProjectTalent Development 25th September 2017

“Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Disaster and Emergencies Preparedness Programme’s (DEPP) inaugural Learning Conference in Nairobi, Kenya,” writes RedR Associate Trainer Eric Swaleh Juma in this guest blog on RedR’s page

Localisation: From agenda to action – “My two main take-home messages from the conference were:

1) There is a need to identify how private companies can work in a non-profit environment profitably i.e. moving from “aid to trade”. This is relation to a presentation made by Vincent Henson of HelpAge, during which he shared their experience of collaborating with private sector actors on the Alert project. The project was highly IT-based, but his team did not have the time to develop the necessary expertise needed to deliver and therefore had to engage IT experts from the private sector. This was the first time they were having this level of engagement with a private organisation, and that presented numerous challenges – although this were outweighed by the benefits.

2) Localisation needs to move from being an agenda item to action in preparedness and response. However, to overcome the many challenges, there is a need for advocacy to the key players – amongst them the INGOs. This was brought out during the panel discussions on day two. The purpose of the DEPP is to strengthen local capacity to respond to emergencies which is an example of moving localisation from agenda to action.”

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