Habit 6: Synergize – 1+1=3

Project: Talent Development 6th April 2018

“What synergy means is that when you work with another person, and he or she has a good quality or skill, you can work together to have the best results. So if 1+1=2, according to Habit 6: 1+1=3. I found Synergy to be the most important Habit. I’m working as a team leader and noticing everyone’s potential is sometimes challenging even though I believe everyone is good at doing something. For example,
one of my team members has a lot of creative ideas and she really thinks outside the box. Another colleague can think deeply and have detailed ideas but is perhaps less organised. Since I’m really organised in my work I initially thought this would be a problem.” says Alaa Zaghoul from Jordan in this case study

As part of the Talent Development project, the Leadership for Humanitarians training programme is aimed at strengthening the capacity of national humanitarian staff in Jordan, Bangladesh and Kenya. The programme is intended for senior level humanitarians who want to become change masters within their organisation: build essential team and self-leadership skills, foster effective relationships with partners, improve stakeholder trust, and set, measure and deliver on meaningful programme and performance goals.


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