Improving effectiveness of humanitarian actors at scale: a study of two eLearning courses available on the Kaya learning platform

Project: External partner: HLA 11th July 2017

This case study explores two eLearning courses available on the Kaya network: ‘Sphere Handbook in Action’ and the ‘Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)’. The two courses aim to improve the application of humanitarian standards.

The eLearning courses use a self-directed learning (SDL) approach. In SDL, participants take responsibility for managing their own training by selecting content, timing and delivery. The self-directed learner ‘takes the initiative to understand his/her individual learning needs and seeks out satisfying resources and methods’.1 The creation of online SDL courses for the humanitarian standards was highly anticipated and welcomed by aid agencies worldwide.2

The courses use scenario-based learning methods to teach participants how to apply minimum standards and principles in real life situations. The scenarios are designed to help learners think through different issues and select the best answer from multiple choices. There are no right or wrong answers and feedback is provided on each question to encourage further reflection or study.3 The quizzes consolidate the key learning messages from the narrative topics and are designed to help the learner assess his or her own confidence and competence against the application of these messages.4 Both courses encourage learners to reflect and note down their thoughts.

This case study explores the use of eLearning as an approach to providing free, high quality and structured training in different languages and at scale.


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