Localisation in Practice: Emerging Indicators and Practical Recommendations

Project: Learning Project 6th June 2018

This report was commissioned by the DEPP Learning Project to contribute to learning and taking forward the localisation agenda.

  • Test, refine, deepen and where needed adapt, a framework developed in 2017 for the Start Fund and Network, commonly referred to as the ‘Seven Dimensions of Localisation’
  • Reflect whether and how DEPP projects have contributed to ‘localisation’ and provided tips or recommendations for further similar preparedness-strengthening work. But without duplicating the already extensive reviews and evaluations of the various projects and bearing in mind that the framework did not exist when the projects were designed and through much of their life time.

The research was undertaken between mid-November 2017 and end March 2018 and involved consultations and conversations with agencies involved in DEPP and others not involved, in the UK, Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), and Bangladesh (Dhaka and Cox Bazar district).


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