“Seek first to understand and then to be understood by others”

Project: Talent Development 6th April 2018

Wasef used to work as a coordinator for Youth Activities in the Zaatari Camp with International Medical Corps. Shortly after starting the Leadership for Humanitarians training in Jordan in August 2015, he changed jobs and started working as a field coordinator in Zaatari with Relief International.
One year after completing the training programme, Wasef shares his thoughts on the ongoing impact the training is having on his professional and personal life, as well has the impact it has on the people he works with.

“One sentence from the training that helped me the most was “Seek first to understand and then to be understood by others”. It is the golden sentence for me. I work with a very big team in the camp: There are around 15 Jordanian staff members and 350 Syrian staff members working with us. In a position of responsibility you need to understand what other people want before trying to convince them. They might know more than me about some things, they are facilitators and they are teachers and I am not familiar with the details to discuss what they should do. So it is important to understand their ideas before discussing.” says Wasef Abdulhadi from Jordan in this case study.


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