Shifting the Power project – Annual Report 2017

Project: Shifting The Power 28th March 2018

The Shifting the Power Project (2015-2018) aims to support local actors to take their place alongside international actors in order to create a balanced humanitarian system involving a shift of power towards locally owned and led responses. It’s goal is to strengthen local and national organisational capacity for decision making and leadership in humanitarian response, support local organisations to have greater representation, voice and recognition in relevant networks and platforms, and at the same time influence international organisations to promote the role of local and national actors.

This third and final Annual Report highlights some of the project’s many important milestones, including the successful implementation by all 55 L/NNGO partners of their Capacity Strengthening Plans (CCSPs), an increased engagement and representation of L/NNGO partners in national humanitarian platforms as well as in international events and/or discussions on localisation and the Grand Bargain, and the launch of the research, Localisation of Aid: Are INGOs Walking the

The main sections of the report include the achievements and results in each of the five key outputs. Case studies, as well as excerpts from learning reviews are integrated throughout the report to evidence these results.


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