How Shifting the Power project has influenced local partners’ emergency response work?

Project: Shifting The Power 22nd February 2018

This learning review took place between July and September 2017 (towards the end of the project). It examines how the project has influenced local and national partner’s response to emergencies, and which capacity strengthening activities have been most successful. The data on which the review is based was collected from STP staff, L/NNGO partners, and INGO consortium members through a variety of means including: qualitative surveys, field visits, Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Skype calls and extensive document reviews.

The programme has seen some immediate results and benefits. There are numerous examples from all STP countries of L/NNGO progress in being prepared for and able to respond to emergencies. Positively, reports of the progress achieved as a result of being part of STP was not limited to one or two L/NNGOs, nor were they limited to one area of progress per L/NNGO.



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