Shifting the Power: Recognising the Role of Community Voice in Strengthening Humanitarian Response – Case Study

Project: Shifting The Power 18th August 2017

This is the first in two case studies which aim to synthesize achievements and lessons learned from the Shifting the Power project. In the context of this project, a ‘power’ refers primarily to resources (including financial resources), decision making responsibility and operational autonomy. Though all three of these aspects of power can be held in the hands of local and national NGOs (L/NNGOs), both the global ‘Walking the Talk’ research report and the Kenya-focused research report acknowledge that the ultimate goal of the project is to ‘put power in the hands of crisis affected people’.

In this case study, we will explore how the project has progressed towards achieving this goal, by evidencing how various partners have recognised and supported community voice as key to developing accountable, effective and timely humanitarian response. We will highlight some of the challenges that remain when engaging with and involving communities in humanitarian response, and outline some recommendations for overcoming these.


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