Talent Development Project Global Learning Forum: ‘Meeting everyone made everything fall into place’

Project: Talent Development 21st September 2017

by Lauren McWilliams, CHS Alliance

“…there is a fine line between contextualisation and over-contextualisation. An example from the Context programme in Bangladesh was that the focus of the programme was on responding to emergencies most common in Bangladesh such as floods. The participant feedback however was that they wanted to learn how to deal with all different kinds of emergencies and not just focus on flood response.” says Lauren McWilliams, Project & Events Officer with CHS Alliance.

Read more in this blog from theĀ Global Learning Forum (GLF) which was hosted by Oxfam from 4 until 8 September was a unique opportunity for the different actors of the Talent Development project to get together and share their learnings from the past three years.


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