Transforming Surge Capacity Baseline

Project: Transforming Surge Capacity 30th October 2017

The last decade has seen a quadrupling of humanitarian needs with larger and more complex crises affecting a greater number of people worldwide. One consequence of this increasingly challenging and unpredictable environment is that humanitarian agencies have increased their ‘surge capacity’, enabling them to more effectively scale up their resources and staffing in response to urgent humanitarian needs.

This baseline report underlines the fact that working with local partners at times of crisis provides quicker access, local knowledge and can support stronger community and institutional capacity building. We must redouble our efforts to ensure this good practice is translated more consistently into our way of operating. Local people must be at the heart of any response with strong and active support given to their leadership and agency. As the report concludes, we need
to find sustainable, adaptable and flexible models to surge, ensuring we can fulfil our humanitarian mandate in an uncertain future. The Transforming Surge Capacity project, led by ActionAid and supported by 11 other humanitarian agencies and two technical partners, is an exciting initiative to make more localised and collaborative surge a reality.

This report presents a key learning piece on the good practice, gaps and opportunities on surge in the humanitarian sector. Coordination and collaboration among key stakeholders, as well as coordination with emerging surge models and stronger collaboration between Governments, UN, Private Sector and humanitarian agencies, are among the challenges identified in the report. Even between international agencies, collaboration remains extremely low and needs to be urgently are strengthened.

Learning is one of the important ways in which we can foster this collaboration, and this report has shown that there is a great need across the sector to share and improve. The Transforming Surge Capacity Project is leading in finding ways to learn from and collaborate with each other if we are to respond to the increasing demands that continue to come our way.


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