Learning Project


The Learning Project is one of the 14 DEPP projects. Led by Action Against Hunger UK, it has a unique and complex remit. The Learning Project works closely with the other 13 projects to draw out, share and disseminate learning in order to develop an evidence base on project- and programme-related learning and evidence. Two Regional Learning Advisors in Pakistan and Ethiopia work closely with the projects in those regions to capture learnings at national and regional levels, and a central team at the UK level provides the same support globally. Global, regional and national learning events, as well as the online Learning Platform provide spaces for projects to interact and share key lessons.

The Learning Project also manages the contract for the independent external evaluation carried out by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, which aims to improve programme effectiveness, enhance learning, and assess the extent to which the DEPP has provided an effective approach to strengthening response capacity.

Coordination and Relationships

Robina heads up the Learning Project, overseeing the team and providing strategic direction, as well as maintaining oversight of learning within the programme at all levels, and working closely with the Programme Management Team. Robina and the team are supported by James, who handles all our admin, logistics and finance.


Hannah (supported by Robina) is responsible for coordinating the independent evaluation of the DEPP, which is being conducted by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Hannah also provides support and advice to projects that are conducting their own evaluations.

Regional and In-country Learning and Coordination

We have two Regional Learning Advisors, Helen and Shahida, and are in the process of recruiting a further five Country Learning Advisors. These advisors work to improve collaboration across the DEPP portfolio, connecting practitioners at project, consortium, national and regional level. They coordinate learning events in-country and document learning, as well as supporting projects when needed to produce evidence and learning.Global-level research and learning

Global-level Research and Learning

Liz and Darja work at the global level on research and otherwise producing learning across the DEPP. This includes programme-level outputs as well as working with projects on case studies and other learning outputs, and conducting independent research. They are currently working full-time on the Learning Report. Liz also coordinates and chairs the MEL working group and is the focal point for the DEPP Programme Logframe.

Communications and Learning

As well as helping the DEPP to capture learning and produce evidence, the Learning Project is responsible for helping to package and disseminate learning. Alice and Ida maintain oversight of what learning products projects have or are planning to produce, and support them to finalise and disseminate their learning. This includes writing up drafts into a finished product, copy editing and designing documents, and extracting key learning from large reports to package them into more digestible pieces. They are developing a website that will enable projects to easily communicate and access learning across the DEPP, while building an evidence base about what works in humanitarian preparedness.

  • – Lead workshops, conferences and other learning events to improve collaboration, learning and knowledge exchange between projects at national, regional and international levels.
  • – Facilitate and support exchange and learning visits in-country for DEPP and non-DEPP actors.
  • – Build relationships with DEPP stakeholders and target audiences at national, regional and international levels.
  • – Provide some technical input on DEPP project MEL queries if requested.
  • – Coordinate the independent evaluation of the DEPP and support projects on external project evaluations.
  • – Manage the DEPP programme logframe, including consolidating project-level monitoring information and data for DfID.
  • – Coordinate and produce the annual DEPP Learning Report and other programme-level learning outputs.
  • – Produce research, case studies and narrative summaries of learnings, at times in collaboration with DEPP projects.
  • – Work with the Start and CDAC Networks to produce communications, learning and advocacy tools and materials.
  • – Develop and roll out tools and platforms across the DEPP to improve collaboration, learning and knowledge exchange.
  • – Maintain oversight of learning and evidence produced across the DEPP.
  • – Support projects to consolidate learning and feed it back into programme implementation.
  • – Work with projects to finalise, package and disseminate their learning and evidence

For more information about the DEPP in general and the Learning Project specifically, visit their page on the Start Network website here.

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