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Improving the safety of civilians has always been vital to humanitarian response, but given the increase in complex humanitarian emergencies involving conflict, displacement as well as environmental crises, it has become more important than ever. Whilst local responders are often the first to respond to crises and often have access to locations where civilians are most at risk, there is insufficient support for local and national organisations to integrate protection principles and activities into their responses. The goal of the Protection in Practice project is to strengthen national protection capacity and contribute to transformative change in the humanitarian sector, skewing existing power dynamics. The approach of this project is rooted in shared learning and collaboration amongst consortium members and partners, strengthening protection capacity whilst responding to crises simultaneously through co-implementation and mentoring, as well as providing financial and training support.

Project Aims

1 To increase the knowledge and understanding of targeted national humanitarian organisations in order to mainstream protection during crisis response. This goal will be led by the International Rescue Committee and World Vision, and will involve trainings, participatory assessments, ‘remedial’ action plans for rapid response, “champions” to monitor protection activities, and engagement in coordination mechanisms.

2 To build the capacity of five national NGO/CBOs to become protection specialists that will actively participate in response coordination mechanisms. This goal will be implemented by Oxfam GB, and will involve training, mentoring and pilot projects with national organisations, which will provide organisational and individual work experience in protection projects during the first phase of a humanitarian response.

3 To increase knowledge and understanding at the global and national level on capacity-building for national humanitarian organisations. This strand will be implemented by all consortium members and local partners, and will involve engagements with other START projects on capacity-building as well as advocating for the Global Protection Cluster to incorporate positive messaging around engagement of national partners.

For more information about the DEPP in general and the PiP project specifically, visit their page on the Start Network website here.

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