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Six international organisations are working together in the Shifting the Power project, supporting 55 of their local and national partners who share the vision and ambition of playing a leading role in decision making and responding to crises in their countries and regions.

Shifting the Power aims to support local actors to take their place alongside international actors in order to create a balanced humanitarian system involving a shift of power towards locally owned and led responses. It will strengthen local and national organisational capacity for decision making and leadership in humanitarian response, support local organisations to have greater representation, voice and recognition in relevant networks and platforms, and at the same time influence international organisations to promote the role of local and national actors.

The project includes an in-depth two year programme of support for local organisations to strengthen their capacity to determine and deliver humanitarian preparedness and response.


1 Local and National (L/N)NGO partners in five countries have the knowledge, skills, processes, and policies to prepare for
and respond effectively to emergencies
2 (L/N)NGOs are better represented and have a stronger voice in relevant humanitarian platforms and networks
3 The consortium member INGOs recognise and respond to (L/N)NGO capacity, leadership & voice
4 The project provides evidence of good practice in strengthening (L/N)NGOs humanitarian preparedness and response
work and their role/influence in humanitarian action

For more information about the DEPP in general and the StP project specifically, visit their page on the Start Network website here.

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