Talent Development


Talent Development aims to develop a decentralized approach to capacity-building in order to improve the quality and speed of humanitarian response in at-risk countries. It does this through combining three previously tested, state-of-the-art learning and development programmes, as well as an international coaching network, to train a total of 1165 humanitarian workers across five countries. These training programmes aim to equip national humanitarian staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the needs of the most vulnerable, to positively improve their efficiency and increase the impact of their work. The training programmes target those who are best placed to assist the vulnerable: national staff of INGOs, NGOs, civil society organisations and government. Together, these diverse and dynamic learning programmes present a comprehensive strategy to address capacity and knowledge gaps across various levels of the target organisations.


Entry-level humanitarian trainee Programme: This year-long trainee scheme, led by Save the Children, will train 175 individuals who are beginning their career in the humanitarian sector, through on-the-job experience, simulation training, distance learning and coaching.
Mid-level context humanitarian skills development programme: This mid-level training programme, led by Oxfam, will develop the skills and capacity of 640 humanitarian response professionals. It is offered as both a six month core course and a nine month management and leadership programme.
Senior-level leadership for humanitarians programme: This comprehensive three month programme, led by Relief International, will train 240 experienced humanitarians to become change masters in their organisation, and will provide them with the framework to be a leader among leaders.
Coaching network: This cross-cutting strand led by CHS Alliance has developed an in-house coaching cohort and a network of 110 locally and regionally-based coaches. The coaches will support participants in the various programmes.

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